Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Are The Two Questions We Should Ask Ourselves When Ministering To Others?

I am not sure when Jake's P-day is anymore.  His letters always come on Mondays but the last two weeks they have come on a Wednesday and a Tuesday....I'll keep ya posted...keep reading:)
Life has been pretty crazy as usual. Elder Foster of the seventy visited our mission yesterday, so we got to learn a lot from him. I can probably add some of my thoughts during the family email.
     I like your idea about staying home for Jace though. That definitely is a huge change from 13 to 16 and he'll need all the help he can get. 
     Liv was talking to me about how freaky it sounds to be living on her own in less than a year. It's still so crazy how fast time has gone by. I'll be home by the end of the school year. I feel like my attitude towards missionary work has changed so much. Elder Foster was talking to my companion and told him that the Lord has way better ways to do missionary work than send 19 year old kids on missions. We're here for us.
     I feel like my time is short, so I have been seeking vision for what Heavenly Father wants me to learn these final 8 months. While reflecting in the chapel after a meeting I felt like I needed to look at my patriarchal blessing and I knew exactly what section to look at and it's the one that tells me I'll find a sister worthy of my love and be able to walk with her to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. Then there's the one about children and family in the next paragraph. Mom, this is so weird because that seems forever away, but I think that's what I'm being prepared for most. What do you think I need to learn most on my mission?
     We were doing a spiritual thought at a members the other night and felt inspired to talk to the kids about father's blessings. It was so exciting to talk about, but I feel super jipped because I'm missing out. I guess patience is a blessing though.
     I am so happy to be a missionary right now and I feel like we are directed where to go and what to do constantly. We get to be part of something so special. There's a quick thought that I wanted to share that I'll probably share in the family email today, but actually I don't know if I'll have time to send one. There are 4 big things that people want to know when they see us. 1) How can I get to know God better? 2) How can I be happier? 3) How can I be a better person? 4) How can I have more peace in my life?
     They don't want to know about our Book of Mormon or our temples. They want God and they want the blessings that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now of course scriptures and temples and all that good stuff are the some of the biggest tools for them to achieve what they want, but in any teaching or ministering situation we must ask ourselves two questions. What does this person want and what does God want for them? Once we can answer those the tools align and we're able to help. I share this because it applies to everyone we see whether visiting teaching, talking to a child, helping out a friend, or whatever it may be.
I love you momma and I hope you always remember that. HFF!

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