Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hanger Shenanigans And Retaliation Towards Sister Missionaries Leads To Awesome New Investigator!

This letter was a surprise.  We didn't get anything on Monday because of Labor Day but got this a couple of days later.  I also posted last weeks letter and some pictures:)

Hey sorry haven't had much time to email the last couple days and today was kind of crazy! Sounds like you had a great time in Cokeville with a lot of fun memories.
     The story of the hanger... So before one of our trips out to Woodward we hung a hanger on the back of our truck to see how long it would last as we were driving. Well it made the whole trip, so we decided to leave it on until the day it fell off by itself. We came out of an appointment this week and the hanger was gone and there was a sticky note on our windshield that if we ever wanted our hanger back we better stay out off their turf (they are Spanish sisters so we share part of our area). We had some extra time, so we drew a picture of two dead sister missionaries holding a hanger (ya, that wasn't very nice of us), and put it on their apartment door. Well that led us to be in another part of town. We walked across the street and saw someone, so we yelled and asked her if she wanted to pray. Turns out she knew who we were because she had taken a semester on Mormons from a Christian college, and she has tons of questions. Her name is Elizabeth. She told us that she was honestly searching for truth and if Mormonism had it then she wanted it. We got to go back with the English Sister and teach her one more time, but she's on their side, so they get to teach her now. This was a great reminder of who is in charge of this work. It was amazing to see that path that we were led on by the Spirit to find Elizabeth and teach her. It is not every day that we find someone searching so diligently for truth.
     I also had a really good experience this week because I got to go on exchanges into a Marshallese area for the day. It was a whole new experience because I couldn't understand anything. When we go into a Spanish area we can pick up a lot of things and contribute, but I had no idea what was going on pretty much the whole day. I can say hello, good, and I don't speak Marshallese. Haha I was with Elder Bess and he had me read the Book of Mormon in a lesson and it was so terrible. I definitely don't have the accent down. or the language. or an understanding of the culture. or pretty much anything :) It is special to hear the gospel preached in other languages though and the spirit is there regardless of what's going on.
      This week I have been working on having an great awareness and gratitude for the spirit. The spirit becomes part of our lives as members of the Church of Jesus Christ because we are under its influence so often, but with a great awareness we can have it even more and have a better confidence in what we're doing and trust that it's working. What a blessing!
I love you momma!

Have an amazing week! HFF!

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