Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Greatest Relationships Are Made When We Grow Closer To Christ Together

No family e-mail again this week so I am posting Jake's e-mail to me.  I asked him to send a brief testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
Alright here's my testimony of the Book of Mormon... This book teaches me not only that God lived, but that he lives and loves us today. Because of its words the atonement has become a reality. We have a God. We have a Savior. They know us personally and have restored the gospel for us to live and be happy. No greater peace can be achieved than by their teachings and those teachings are found here. The Book of Mormon is the word of God.
     Heart t' heart sounds pretty amazing. It is so hard to lay everything down on the altar and admit to our mistakes. It is not easy to be accountable and responsible. In general the things God wants us to do aren't easy. But we know they are so worth it. Have you read preach my gospel? Here's the latest question I've been thinking about. Finish the sentence. Only the gospel will...
     There are hundreds of answers, but it's fun to hear what people think about it.
     This week some return missionaries that I had served close to came back for a sealing. I was talking to one that was about to get engaged. He told me how before his mission he was always looking for the most attractive girl he could find, but now he realizes that what he is really looking for is someone who strongly lives the gospel. Elder Manwaring and I got to teach the 12-13 sunday school class yesterday and they are pretty rowdy. There was one young women though that was always trying to stay on topic and had so many spiritual insights to share. It was so admirable and we were amazed at the strength we saw. It made me think about the way people look at us. Often times we want to joke, but the greatest relationships are made when we grow closer to Christ together.
     I love you mom and hope you have the bestest week :)
-Elder Hoddy

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