Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First P-Day

Haha you didn't miss P-day is just took forever to get here. I don't even know where to start with the MTC.. It is amazing!! Every day has been better than the last, but I'll just walk you through them. Wednesday was actually not too great. I walked in and everyone is running around and saying hi to me and it was just crazy. I kind of felt overwhelmed by all of it and my host that picked me up forgot to take me to get all my books so I had to go find them myself. That night I took a shower and I just really didn't want to be there, but when I got out I found the quote you put in my suit coat pocket. After reading that I prayed and accepted where I was and what I was doing, and I knew everything was going to be okay. The next day was better, but it was still kind of overwhelming. We started learning about things we needed to teach, but I still felt inadequate and that I wouldn't be able to teach because I didn't know enough. On Friday and Saturday we kept learning about so many cool things about the gospel and our district of 6 elders and 4 sisters was really able to bond. We all felt a lot more comfortable and felt like we could teach the gospel. Sunday was the turning point. Everyone just kept saying wait til Sunday and everything is going to be alright and now I totally understand why. We were able to feel the spirit so strong and had so many cool opportunities. We watched the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar and I was able to feel the spirit so strong. In it he tells the story of a relief society president and I was in awe. I came to understand Christ's love for me and for everyone around me. I know that I make it through these 2 years and do some great things because I have the Lord on my side. My companion and I got called as zone leaders so we're in charge of 4 districts, and we're going to get 24 new missionaries in our zone tomorrow so that's going to be really fun training them and teaching them that they just have to get to Sunday. Then yesterday we had our first chance to actually teach someone. It was kind of fake because they came into the MTC and I think they're actors, but some of them are non-members so it is awesome to teach them the gospel. It was the first time that my companion and I really taught with the spirit and the lesson went so smoothly and was really awesome. I know that I can teach and be an effective missionary with assistance from the Holy Ghost. I love and miss you so much and can't wait to see my momma again. There are a few things that I was hoping that you would do. Keep praying for me to learn and be able to help teach the people of Oklahoma so they can have the blessings of the gospel. Watch the Character of Christ because it is truely amazing. Get Jace and Ava an email so I can write to them directly, and just keep doing what you've always done which is loving people.

I love you mom

Elder Hoddy

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jake's First Letter!

Dear Hoddy Family,

  How are you guys doing? You need to keep me updated on everything that's happening, except I don't want pictures because I want the surprise of seeing how much you've grown and changed while I'm gone. I still want the pictures that we just took though as well as Clarissa's wedding pictures (I'm not engaged yet!) and Livi in her Junior prom dress. It has been so amazing here in the MTC. Everything was a little overwhelming the first day, but it was cool to be here. Haha it was kind of like drinking out of a fire hydrant.
  Today was a total spiritual punch to the face. I realized so many things and the spirit is really helping me to learn. There is like no free time though because they're trying to jam everything into 12 days. I also go called as a zone leader today and I'm super excited about it. Me and my companion are over 3 districts, but we'll lose and gain one next week.
  When you guys dropped me off I was really sad as I hugged you , but I turned around with a smile on my face and tears still in my eyes. I get to serve the Lord for 2 years and I'm really excited about this opportunity to learn and grow. There is no time to be home sick because we're constantly being spiritually fed. I love you all so much and I will miss you tons. Just remember why I'm here and that I love it. I can't wait to see you again.

  Elder Hoddy