Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Don't Want This Experience To Ever End!

We have started getting e-mails on Tuesdays.  No family e-mail for the last couple of weeks.  Here is a quick message he sent me today...so sweet.
Thanks for all the counsel on what I need to learn on my mission. I really want to do my best. Elder Foster asked a question at the meeting we went to last week. "What will you say to the Lord when you kneel down on the last night of your mission?" Mom I can't imagine that last prayer. It hurts to think about. I've wanted to be home from the moment I stepped into the MTC, but at the same time the thought of ever taking this name tag off for good kills me. I love this! I love going around and talking to random people. I love being around such good missionaries and the amazing influence they bring. I love meeting new ward members and building relationships with them. I love walking in the heat and the cold. I love being tired and then working hard anyways.
     This is the best opportunity I could ever ask for and I have to learn everything I can in the two short years I have been given. 
     The Hoddy family is the best support I could ever ask for. Thanks mom. I hope you know I'm having fun :)

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