Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Could Tell The Spirit Was Touching her Heart

Hey I wanted to share a few simple experiences from the week...
     The first is with our investigator Matt. He has been pretty solid since I've been here with reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and other important stuff, but he's only been able to get off work once for work and he's not married which has made it hard to progress. We've had many lessons with him and seen him slowly progress, but we've never seen the huge step of faith trying to find the truth or do what God wants him to. We planned a simple lesson on faith for him and went in to talk to him, but this time was totally different. He told us that he wants to get married this month and he has really been praying to see if God wants him to switch shifts. All of a sudden he is being super proactive and wants to be better at living the gospel. The lesson was a good reminder that we put a lot of effort into helping these people, but we still have to wait for God's timing to help them feel and understand the spirit. It is one of the most amazing things to see people make that change.
     Another great moment was as we talked to a man in front of his apartment for a few minutes. At first he didn't seem to want to talk to us much, but we had a good conversation about his kids and different life experiences which softened him up a lot. We showed him the Restoration pamphlet and started talking about different parts of it. We got distracted and started talking about something else when his wife came out. She grabbed the pamphlet and started looking at it while we were still talking to him. I watched her open the page to the first vision and stop. She read it and then she read it again. I could tell the spirit was touching her heart and right after that she turned to her husband and said, "Honey I really think we need to try this". It was a great reminder of how powerful the message is that we share. It will captivate the hearts of anyone who is open to the spirit.
     I love this gospel. I am constantly reminded how amazing it is to believe in a God that listens to us, that cares about us, and wants to bless us as much as He can. I love being a child of God.
I hope you have an amazing week! HFF!
-Elder Hoddy

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