Monday, May 19, 2014

Watching People Change And Desire The Spirit In Their Lives Makes This Worth It!

This has been such an amazing week of my mission. I'm still trying to figure out what has changed with Elder Van Halder and I, but things are just rolling in our area. As missionaries our success is measured primarily by our commitment to find, teach, baptize, confirm, and reactivate God's children. We've thought a lot about that commitment and lately we have tried so hard to have the desire to help these people as much as we possibly can. One of our Zone Leaders was talking to us (this elder is pretty much the stud of our mission) and said, "I can honestly say that I have given everything I can to this mission". I've thought a lot about that because that's also what many of the prophets of the Book of Mormon could say. Each of us should try to be able to say that because we have all been given special knowledge and callings. We are watchmen (Ezekiel 33:1-7)
     We had a really cool experience with Zack this week. We were talking on his porch about marriage and baptism and the church and all that good stuff. We had a really cool member and he bore his testimony about the temple and how special his wife and family are to him. The spirit was thick on the porch and I'm pretty sure I could have pulled out a knife and cut it because it was so thick. That was something that each of us want in our lives and in the closing prayer Zack asked Heavenly Father that his family would be led to the temple. Watching people change and desire the spirit in their lives makes this worth it. Their family is going to make it to the temple someday. It seems like Heavenly Father has supplied all the needed resources for them to join the church now they just need to take the leap. It's coming soon.
     This week we had interviews with our President this week and there was one question that I really wanted to ask him because I've thought a lot about it lately. I asked him how he has grown a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He told me a couple of his special experiences in life that testified that They knew him. President Walkenhorst bore a simple testimony that he knew that They loved him and that They knew him and because of that he had a great desire to know Them and that relationship has grown over time.
      I have pondered about how I know that God knows me and my simple and clear answer is because of you. Each of you have been in my life for a special reason and I feel so blessed for my opportunity to have you here. You are my examples, my friends, and my family. Thank you.
We expect miracles.
Elder Hoddy 

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