Monday, May 12, 2014

Changing The Game In Choctaw!

Wow yesterday was amazing! That was so much fun to talk with each of you and hear about life. There is something special about our family that I wish I saw in a lot more people out here. I don't know if I could keep going without your support and prayers. I love each of you

This week has been amazing as we are continually changing the game out here in Choctaw. The Lord has inspired our mind in many ways and helped us be successful in our commitment to find, teach, and  baptize. We found another family this week that we're pretty excited about and they a really good member friend that is going to be pretty proactive in trying to help him join the Church. The member is a total stud, so we're pumped. I know that the Lord wants these people to be baptized more than we do, so we ponder and pray about what he wants us to do, and He is putting things in place for people to join the church. We were riding our bikes home in a hurry the other day and saw him putting stuff in his truck, so we decided to stop by and at least give him a card. We asked him a couple questions and he seemed pretty interested. It was all because he knew that member and the member had set a great example for years. We could have missed that opportunity if we had continued to ride by. We have to be obedient and we have to follow commandments.

This week I realized how lucky we are simply to understand who Heavenly Father is. There are so many skewed perceptions in the world and so many people don't know many importance things about Him and his Son. It has made me realize how necessary it is to have a relationship with them. We have to be able to talk to them in our times of need and abundance, distress and success, pain and joy, and everything else we'll feel. He is there for us always and a relationship with them is needed for us to become.

Funny story. We got a referral from and went over and taught the guy. He had a young boy running around and yelling, so after a little while I started to entertain him by showing him pictures of Jesus while Elder Van Halder listened to the dad talking. After showing the pictures for a while the kid yelled, "You're Jesus!" I looked at the dad who had the "What the heck are you teaching my kid" look on his face, and quickly explained to the boy that I'm not Jesus. We all chuckled at the nino and moved on.

Anyways life has been great lately and I'm loving the mission. It was amazing to talk to you and I'm proud of who each of you are. I love you. HFF!
-Elder Hoddy



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