Sunday, March 16, 2014

Simple Principles of Faith

This has definitely been another wonderful week. It has had its struggles with the loss of investigators, but that has definitely allowed us to refocus our efforts and I know Heavenly Father has a lot of reasons for this. We have found part-member families and decided that we are going to try to focus and reactivating them and baptizing their family members. We got some really good council on it from other missionaries and we're ready to go.
Zack and Felicia are still going strong. We met with him last night and talked about the simples principles of faith. We read in Matthew 14 about Peter walking on water and left them with 1 Nephi 17 because we're going to talk about the ships they need to build in their life to be baptized and get to the temple. When we walked into the lesson we could tell that Zack had the weighed down attitude of a long week. After discussing faith and the potential they held, we left a happy and smiling family for the night. The spirit had changed his demeanor and he recognized what it had done for them. It was uplifting and powerful. We are trying to focus every lesson we teach on the Doctrine of Christ (4th article of faith), and it has changed everything. We fell into a bad routine of trying to teach lessons briefly mentioning that and our lessons lost so much power. We were giving them good information, but now we're trying to help them apply the gospel to their lives.
We have this super fun couple that we're teaching named Dominique and Bud. Dominique is extremely outgoing and she loves to talk. Bud is your classic guy that's super chill and is always cracking jokes. We planned to take them on a tour of the church building this week, so we decided to fight fire with fire and took the most talkative members here. Haha it was so funny. Elder Van Halder and I hardly talked at all, but we got to watch the magic as they connected really well. Our members led most of the tour and invited them to church. The only thing we really talked about was the Sacrament and that was really powerful. We ended the tour at the sacrament table and watched as the spirit testified how important it was. Earlier they told us that they would never be Mormon, but their heart has been softened a lot from reading and learning. They still have a ways to go, but they will definitely make their journey.
Haha little side note... So one of ward members fed us roast beef and mashed potatoes this week. I watched another little pan that had to have the vegetable in it, so I was sure they had the full porntatoes special, but they had green beans. Kind of dissapointing, but there will be plenty of those in years to come. I love you so much! HFF!
-Elder Hoddy

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