Monday, March 3, 2014

Obedience Pays Off!

Awesome New Companion Straight from the Provo Missionary Training Cntr
Alright this week has definitely been a blast. On Tuesday Jake Parson drove here from the city and went teaching with us. It was so weird to have him on the other side of the table teaching instead of investigating, but he was a powerful member to support the lessons. We were able to meet with Zack and Felicia that night and had a great lesson. We read from 3 Nephi 11 and talked about the Book of Mormon. Jake was able to share his conversion story and all the struggles he went through to find the truth for himself. Zack was asking him questions and the spirit was so strong. We talked to them about setting a baptismal date for March 29 and asked them to pray and talk about it as a couple. Then on Friday we had dinner with them and the Allen family in the ward. After, we had a dinner and reviewed the Restoration and Doctrine of Christ lessons. They accepted the baptismal date and are excited to continue to learn more. We see so much hope and potential in their family.
     On Wednesday we decided to cruise down to the bottom of our boundary and visit all the less active members that we had never met. We met some pretty interesting people and had a good time. There were so many houses that we were scared to knock on and some crazy dirt roads, but we had a good ol time. I wish we had the time to visit them a lot more because there are definitely some members that would become active if we could just give them a little more attention. Then that night we visited Dominique and Bud who are a hilarious couple. We were talking and reading from the Book of Mormon and somehow the story of the 3 wisemen came up. Bud started going off about the story adding in all these crazy details. He is a pretty good story teller and he was making it pretty dang funny. I can't even do the story an ounce of justice because he told it so amazing. I'm not sure if he heard some of those crazy things or if he was just making it up on the spot, but apparently "the wisemen went into the house and threw down the presents. The first two look at the third saying, 'We brought soap and candles, and you come in and throw down a bag of gold? What happened to the 20 dollar limit buddy?" We were all rolling which probably took away from the spirit and we can't figure out why anyone would talk about a dollar limit for the birth of our Savior. I seriously love Oklahoma. I wouldn't trade these people for anything and all the great things they bring into our life.
     One of the little tender mercies of the Lord this week was at the end of one of our days. We got dropped off a little early, so we had 15 minutes before 9 and we weren't sure what to do for the last few minutes before we're supposed to go in. We went and checked our mail, and I asked Elder Van Halder how we could be the most effective for the last few minutes of our day? He told me that we would probably be most effective going in early and planning our day. I felt the same way, but I was praying that somehow he could understand the blessings of being obedient and staying out until 9. We decided to walk around the block for a few minutes, so we would get in on time. As we were walking a house stuck out to us and we decided to knock on it. We don't usually do that because Oklahomans don't usually like us knocking in the dark when it's cold. The guy came out and told us that we could come back and chat sometime and that his neighbor would be probably be interested as well, so we ran to his neighbors and he said we could come back as well. We got 2 great potential investigators right there. Sometimes I wonder what all of us miss out on by not being as obedient as we could be.
     We had another snow storm this weekend which cancelled church. That was super lame because we had some investigators that were going to come, but we still had some fun. We went biking around to visit people and we were sliding all over the place. The snow was pelting us in the face, and it was awesome because this area has a lot of hills. Going down hill we would get some pretty good sliding action. We did the same thing this morning for P-day, but the sun is out, so it was a lot better.
      It seems like time is flying by and life is so good. I love you so much family and I'm so grateful that we have the gospel in our lives. It's pretty scary to imagine what life would be like without it. The hand of the Lord is continually in our life and so many blessings available. HFF!

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