Monday, November 25, 2013

Pam's Baptism/3 New Investigators in Choctaw!

Alright so this has been a pretty awesome week. We picked up 3 new investigators which isn't incredible, but going from 0 to 3 investigators is a real good start. Elder Park and I have focused a lot of our studies on how to find people better because it's not very easy to get into homes and start teaching. If two guys showed up on your door and wanted to talk about religion, would you pay attention to what they had to say and let them in? Ha that's the classic problem, but we've been diving into the Book of Mormon and trying to figure out how Ammon, Aaron, Abinadi, Alma, and all those other awesome missionaries got people to listen to them. It has been working pretty well and we've found some good potentials. That's not to mention the 3 awesome investigators we found.
Matching Ties!

On Tuesday we met with an investigator named Bill who actually looked into the church about a year ago and is interested again. The problem is that he tells us he'd be baptized if he were 52, but he's 72 and he's too old now. We had a really good lesson though and his powerful prayer at the end consisted of him asking to be directed where he should go. He's a total talker and it's hard to get him to stay on topic, but when we do there are some powerful moments with the spirit pretty strong.  He has a lot of potential to join the church.

Then on Wednesday we met with a wonderful lady named Cindy. We met her while we were out walking a few days before that, and she was the very last person that we talked to. It was time to get back in for the night so we almost kept walking, but the spirit let us know we needed to stop and talk to her. Our first lesson with her got us pretty excited because she seems pretty interested in reading and learning about all of this. We actually get to meet with her again today so that should be awesome!

That same day we were knocking doors and met this guy Brady. He let us in to pray with us, but we ended up teaching the whole first lesson and he seemed excited to read the Book of Mormon. He was sick that day so he wasn't able to go to work. I guess it's not good that he was sick, but it was a total blessing because we probably wouldn't have met him otherwise. Brady is definitely looking for truth. Good news for him because he now has the Book of Mormon.

I got to go back for Pam's baptism this week which was pretty incredible. I was reminiscing on the whole process of how she was baptized because months before I got here to Oklahoma Sister Hammond had been praying for missionary opportunities. Then this lady named Michelle came along and Sister Hammond started to have a lot of gospel discussions with her and was helping her with a lot of things. I remember one morning Sister Hammond called us and we talked to her for a while, and she told us that she was going to invite Michelle over so we needed to clear our schedule for that night whether she came or not. That definitely showed a lot of faith on her part because she invited her and Michelle didn't show up; however, that whole time that Sister Hammond had been working with Michelle, Pam had gotten in on a lot of the conversations so she decided to come that night instead. We had dinner and taught the Restoration lesson. By the next time we met Pam already had a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet and that the Book of Mormon was true. That just continued to grow through the weeks that followed that, and the gospel started to fill holes in her heart that she didn't even know she had. Pam was able to be baptized on her birthday which is super cool because November 23rd is now her birthday and spiritual re-birthday. Ha it was pretty cool. I was blessed with the opportunity to confirm her, and it was so cool to hear what Heavenly Father had in store for her. The words, "Receive the Holy Ghost" are so powerful and it is so amazing to see someone gain that gift. Pam is definitely a very special person and I'm excited to see her grow in the gospel.
Pam's Baptism

Yesterday was pretty crazy we got like 2 centimeters of snow, so they cancelled church and we were told that we couldn't drive our cars. I guess Oklahoma isn't used to these kind of conditions. The area that we live in is pretty spread out too, so we could bike around but that would be pretty innefective. Luckily, an amazing member came and picked us up and wanted help to do her member missionary work. We made loaves of bread to deliver to her neighbors and got to watch the restoration dvd. Then once the bread was finished we went out to deliver the bread. This is when things got crazy. We would go up to doors and offer people the bread that their neighbor made and they were saying no. I looked at them and just thought, you fools why don't you take our bread? I mean it makes sense when people say no to our message because they hear crazy things about us and don't know what they're missing out on, but when we put a warm loaf of fresh baked bread in their face, it just doesn't make sense why they wouldn't take it. Haha I'm used to getting rejected by this point, but when you reject my bread now we got a problem. Jk, but it was actually super funny to talk to the people. After a while we were able to give away the bread, but we just couldn't get over the fact that people didn't want some delicious bread in a cute bag with ribbon on it.

Haha anyways, I talked about the bread thing for way too long, but this has been a pretty awesome week. Elder Park is an amazing missionary, so we're going to have a lot of fun and success in this area. Life is good all the time. I love you lots and hope you have a good week. HFF!

Love, Elder Hoddy

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