Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Fun Missionary Style

Okey doke so this has been the usual awesome week.
On monday we had a good ol time for p-day and partied to hard-core 4 square (team edition) Chief Judge Hoddy rules once again. P-days are always a blast here and we have an awesome zone, so it's always fun to see the other missionaries. Then that night we visited the Helsleys with a member and had a little FHE lesson. It was so awesome. Rori, the 6 year old daughter, conducted the meeting, and Aidan prayed in front of us for the first time. Then we had a good time singing Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. Ya the kids were going a little crazy at that point so it probably wasn't the best song decision, but we sure had fun. Then we read about Alma the Younger for the lesson. We used the children's version of the Book of Mormon and it went pretty awesome. We hadn't planned what we were going to do for the activity, so we decided to act out the entire story for an activity and it actually turned out super good. I got to be the director/narrator, so I just got to stand there and tell everybody what to do. Sister Helsley came in as the angel with a blanket cape and a halo and started to rebuke her child for leading people away from the church. The kids got to have fun being Alma and Alma the Younger. It was just a good time. Then we had a closing song of once there was a snowman. Ya we didn't learn from our mistake with the earlier song because the kids went crazy again. Hopefully they will start making FHE a tradition each week.
On Tuesday we visited some less active members in the morning and had an interview with President Walkenhorst that afternoon. We were waiting for the sisters to pick us up because we don't have a car, but they backed into something so we were late. President Walkenhorst is one of the nicest people I have ever met and every time I meet with him I always feel like a good missionary and inspired to be a little better. It is really cool to be around him and learn from him. Then that night we went teaching with Jake. We were a little bit nervous to take him teaching because you never know what some crazy person is going to say, but it turned out super well and he really enjoyed it.
Wednesday was a real good time because we had our ward trunk or treat that night. Elder Evans and I went with dinosaur hats and mustaches. Ha it was awesome! The Helsleys came and few less active members as well, so we had a real good time walking around, spreading the gospel, and partaking of the blessings of baked goods.
Halloween was also a lot of fun. We sing at a retirement home each week for service, so we got there and realized that we needed some good Halloween songs but we only knew like zero. We came up with some real good winners though right on the spot, and the people there loved it. They were taking videos and pictures. It was pretty crazy because we're not used to the paparazzi. Jk, but it was a good time. Then for dinner we ate at a recent converts home and Jake came with us. After dinner he taught the restoration to all of us with one of the sister missionaries. It was pretty awesome to see him teaching the gospel, and he's pretty dang good at it. He will be such a strong member pretty soon.
Friday was awesome. We ate Chic-ful-A for lunch and got to go to the temple with Kevin that night (I got the chicken strips meal). Kevin is doing amazing. He is super excited to get baptized, and even more excited to go to the temple a year after baptism. He is always so happy to meet with us and we are officially done teaching him everything he needs to know before baptism. His interview is tonight and he is going to pass with flying colors. The temple was something really special because he loves the idea of being able to live with his family forever. Ha who doesn't love that idea. Anyways, We're pretty excited for him. The baptism is all scheduled for this upcoming Saturday.
On Saturday we finally got to see Pam again and we helped her move within the same apartment complex. She has decided to move her date to November 23rd which is her birthday, but she is going to be completely ready by then, so we're pumped. We also had a really good lesson with Jake, but he doesn't feel ready for baptism on the 9th. He still struggles with a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon even though we feel like the answer is punching him right in the face. I've thought a lot about it though. Jake easily could have received an answer a month ago and joined the church; however, he is continually giving up more and more and trying so much harder to find answers to his questions. Receiving an answer at this point would mean so much more to him than if he received one a couple months ago. He can count how man Dallas Cowboys games he hasn't watched on one hand. That's for his entire life, but he left both games early this week, so he could come to all three hours of church. He didn't check scores this week either. He is so close to baptism at this point, we just need to find the tipping point that will help him decide to be baptized.
This week has been a good one. I guess that things that make a week good out here are how well investigators are doing. They are all doing pretty well, so I'm happy. I hope everything is going well back home. Keep me updated. I love you all! HFF
Elder Hoddy

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