Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference Is Awesome!

Conference was so sick! When President Monson said, "Conference is now over" I was like crying on the inside because conference is the best. Ha kind of funny because I don't think I've ever paid attention like this for conference. It seemed like there were a lot of reoccurring themes in conference and I have no clue what really touched our investigators, but they were touched. The thing that probably stuck out to me the most as a missionary was probably about the simple everyday decisions that we make define us. I love that because I definitely want to not only change my actions but my character. Ha it was cool! There was a lot of other awesome things like these people are children of God, and we live God's standards not man's. I guess I can't even begin to summarize conference, but I think the best part was hearing President Monson speaking in the morning session. If investigators listen to nothing else that's what they need to hear. We are so blessed to have a prophet today and he speaks so powerfully. We thank thee oh God for a prophet!

That's so exciting that you're going to Mexico. I'm so jealous, but I can totally imagine dad looking it up on youtube and then going down to build. You guys are going to have such a blast... without me :'( Jk I'm super excited for you)

We met with Jake a whole bunch this week and he is doing awesome! He is still struggling with a perfect belief in the church, but his questions and search for truth are so deep that once he converts he will be a powerful member for the rest of his life. It might be hard to get there, but it will be worth every effort. He watched 3 of the sessions with us and loved them. I think he really liked Elder Oaks because he is super into politics, and Elder Oaks had a pretty good chance of being a United States Supreme Court Justice, which is no small feat, until he was called as an apostle instead. Everything about the gospel makes sense to him logically. How could Joseph Smith - an uneducated boy - write 531 pages of religious text that nobody has been able to disprove in the last 180 years? Why would such an intelligent man like Elder Oaks give up such an amazing career to be an apostle? Why do young men give up their lives for 2 years to go on missions? Logically he knows this is true, but he needs the spirit if he's really going to be converted. It's going to be a process, but he'll get there.

We also watched a few sessions with our investigator Pam, and she would ask a question about something, so we'd explain it to her. Then it would be explained like ten times better by an apostle. I think all of the questions that she had were answered during conference and she set her own baptismal date last time we met with her, so she is pretty committed to all of this. The gospel just makes sense. I don't understand why people have such a hard time believing all of this, but then again Satan wants people as far away from the gospel of Jesus Christ as he can get us, so it is always a constant battle.

Oh and we also went to Hibachi grill. That place is delicious. This was actually my second time in there and it was joyous to me.

On Thursday we went north to do some singin at an old folks home. We had an tail wind on the way up there and we were flyin. It's always a blast singin to them, especially when we sing the primary songs with actions. Ha it's always good fun to watch them be a snowman tall tall tall then melt suddenly. Then on our way back we were battling the elements. The wind was blowing straight against us and we were tired and it was not so fun, but we made it to the Helsleys and we taught the Plan of Salvation sidewalk chalk style and it was a good time. The kids got to draw it out and walk through and stuff. It was awesome. The Helsleys are definitely moving in the right direction, but there is still a lot of pressure. Luckily good always wins.

This week has been such a blast and Elder Evans and I are having a good time. We are being treated pretty well and I don't even remember the last time we tracted. Elder Ballard's talk about fear of missionary work was so awesome. if you pray for missionary work you will find it. Doubt not, fear not (D&C 6:36) Members are picking it up. I love the promise that if every member reaches out to others, millions of people can feel the love of the Savior by Christmas. I love you all so very much and I consider myself pretty lucky to be a Hoddy. HFF

Elder Hoddy

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