Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Miracles A Day Challenge

What's up family?!
This week has been the usual incredible week that a mission provides for ya, but one of the coolest things ever was when we took Pam, an amazing investigator, to the temple. That's where the picture came from mom. So we get there and we're having some pretty neat gospel discussions, and boom the inspiration comes to go ask a member of the temple presidency if he'll talk to her. So we walk in the temple and guess who is standing right there in the waiting room. Ya it was a member of the temple presidency. So we walk on over and start telling him the situation, and he's like, "ya bring her on in and let's have a little talk" so we walked casually back to Pam and the members that were with us (more like ran with smiles a thousand feet wide) and told them that we could go into the temple and talk about a few things. Pam got to go into the waiting room and Pam got to talk to a member of the temple presidency for like 20 minutes. He answered all of her questions so much better than we could and it totally set the mood for the night. We walked over to the chapel across the street after and had a little lesson about the atonement. Pam has been so prepared. She already fully believes in the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. She is excited to go back to the temple and she wants to read the entire Book of Mormon before she is baptized. Her baptismal date is December 7th. Exciting stuff :)
This week we were asked to write down 3 miracles every day, so I was doing really good about doing this on Monday, but the rest of the week totally spaced it. Monday was cool though because I sat down to write a few miracles and they just kept coming. I could think of so many amazing simple things that happen in one day and there were probably so many more that I didn't realize. That day we gave out all of our BofMs, we picked up some awesome new potential investigators who came to church this week, we had some awesome lessons, we got stopped by some guys and had an awesome conversation, we showed up to meet with a less active member at the perfect time because of the conversation, and so many other things. I guess an attitude of gratitude get you a long way.
Oh and bad news I picked up a guitar this week and I can't really remember any of the songs that I've learned. It's such a bummer. I'll have plenty of time to relearn everything in a couple years though.

We met with the Helsleys and Jake a lot this week. Sister Helsley still likes to learn a lot, loves having us around, and wants her kids to play with the other lds kids; however, she is having a tough time making that leap of faith to want to know if everything we are showing her is true. It's only a matter of time though.
On thursday we went on splits so Elder Evans and I split up for the night. I got to visit Pastor Bob and we had a really cool lesson. We watched President Monson's Sunday morning talk and Pastor Bob really like it. He lost his wife last October, so he felt connected with President Monson. He has been taught the King James version of the Bible all of his life and he has such a tough time believing that there can be another book. Our conversations are consistently about the Book of Mormon and priesthood authority. He even recognizes that his unwillingness to search the Book of Mormon is largely because of his pride, so we are still trying to figure out how to overcome all of this. He is doing great though and one of these days it's all going to click how this works.
On Friday I had the most delicious sandwhich I've ever eaten. It was pretty much a little piece of heaven drizzled with magic sauce and bacon. yum

Earlier this week we knocked into a house of this super nice baptist lady and her two teenage kids. She made us a deal that she would read our book if we came to her church, but with our beautiful art of persuasion and the spirit, we got her and her daughter to come to church and read the Book of Mormon. They loved seeing all the little kids at church and we are pretty excited to meet with them. We also went to their church and it was pretty interesting. They had a really good pastor that seemed like he would be an awesome mormon. It seems like there are so many amazing christians that would join if they only knew what we had to offer. I guess that makes our job pretty important. Time to step up our game.
Overall this week has been an amazing week. I love hearing about all the adventures that are going on back in Utah and I've having lots of my own. HFF :):):):):):):):):):):):):

Elder Hoddy

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