Monday, September 30, 2013

Pastor Bob Bears His Testimony!

Hey family!
So this week has had some pretty quality stuff that's been going on. I'll start with the good time we had in fast and testimony meeting yesterday. We've been teaching this guy named Bob who has been a pastor for over 40 years so he knows his bible pretty well and he's good at what he does. We got him to come to church yesterday, but we didn't really have time beforehand to explain what our service is like, so while everything was starting I was trying to explain how people could bear their testimonies and why we take the sacrament and stuff, which he thought was super interesting. Then during testimonies he leans over and says I want to go up there and introduce myself. Obviously I wasn't going to try and stop him or anything, so he gets up there and shakes the bishoprics hands and gets up to the pulpit and says, "Well obviously I'm not a Mormon" Everyone had a pretty good laugh. He was wearing a preacher caller and stuff and it was pretty obvious, but it was like the one moment during sacrament when all of the sudden everyone was listening. He talked about pride and arrogance and how that had been a big problem earlier in his life. Oh ya and by the way he has been pentecostal all his life so he's used to yelling hallelujah and amen and stuff like that. At one point in his testimony he makes a point and then says, "Amen?" and you could hear a little grumble in the audience of people saying amen, but not really sure if they should. I wish I could tell you this story with my voice because it was super funny and awesome, but it was so cool that he got up there the first time he had ever stepped foot in an LDS church. He'll be baptized one of these days.

We set a baptismal date for Jake on November 9th! That's still a little ways away, but he has been reading like crazy and he's keeping commitments and stuff. We've been talking about strengthening that desire to believe and he has had a lot of support from his LDS friends who live in California. There are a lot of good things coming in his future. It's kind of tough to look at all of this from his perspective because he's lived a certain way for the last 28 years and now he's realizing that all of this is true and that he needs to change his life. Living the gospel is so worth it though, and we know he'll realize that.

We watched the restoration movie with the Helsleys this week and it was awesome. It seriously answers so many of our investigators questions about Joseph Smith and the early church. They found it extremely interesting because they didn't know that there had been so much persecution. They are definitely progressing towards baptism, but it might take a while. The idea of 3 hours of church seems crazy to them, but they love how family oriented everything is. I also saw a tarantula crossing the street that night too which was awesome.
On Friday we met with one of our investigators named Dave who is a super devout Catholic, but is always interested in learning more. He took us for a ride in his diesel powered Audi which was crazy fast and he said he'd take us mountain biking today. I guess we're not allowed to go Mountain Biking so he took us for a bike ride around a cemetery this morning. It was actually super fun because there hills and stuff and we saw all these different grave sights. Dave is also one of the coolest people to hang out with, so we had a fun morning. He's also one of those people that you know they'll recognize the truth of our message someday, but it's going to take a while.

This has been an amazing week and we found out yesterday that Elder Evans and I are both staying in the Village Ward for another 6 weeks. We are both super excited to be staying because things here have been awesome. We're teaching a ton of people and we have a couple baptismal dates set for this transfer. The people here are awesome.

Well by the sounds of the emails I'm getting, life is going pretty good in Orem. That is definitely going to be weird to come home to such a different neighborhood, but that'll be fun. I love you family! We are the best family there is. HFF

Elder Hoddy

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