Monday, August 5, 2013

Farewell To A Great Companion, Elder Nelson

Oh boy that sounds fun going to education week and all that exciting stuff. Hanging out with friends and having sleep overs is always #1 :)  Haha so anyways this week has been a good one. Elder Nelson goes home on Thursday which is really sad. He was going around and saying goodbye to everybody yesterday. That is going to be so tough... You work on building relationships with these people for 2 years and then all of the sudden someone tells you that your time is up and you go home. He's really excited to see his family again, but goodbyes are always so sad.
Elder Garner was such an awesome companion. We would walk around the MTC with our little binders and act like we owned the place. haha we thought we were so cool and pretty much we were. I definitely hope I get to serve around him again.
I'm sorry that I can't remember a lot of the things we did this week, but we visited with a couple of black girls who were hilarious. Haha they were telling us about their high school experience and the cold chicken nuggets and prom and stuff. it was so funny. We went to a catholic service and met some amazing people there. The father said something about us at the end of the meeting and it seemed like he genuinely cared about us even though he had barely met us. It is amazing to see some of the incredible Christians who do their best to live their faith and seek for truth. I love Oklahoma. We went to a church where it seemed like the pastor was just after money and it made me so mad. I wish that the father of the catholic church would join our church, but he does so much good for those people and I know that he'll accept the true gospel someday because it's in his nature to accept truth. I love these people and I wish I could just convert them all, but I know things will come slowly. We have the fulness of the everlasting gospel. we are so dang lucky.
Well I love you Mom and I'm so lucky to be your son. Thanks for the emails and updates on everything. Keep loving life!
Elder Hoddy
PS preach my gospel is a great tool for fhe. I've seen some parents use it here for their little kids and it is awesome

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