Monday, July 15, 2013

Missionary Fun!

This week started with the good ol plan of a district diet #chubbyprobs. So, we had this great idea to go to Taco Bell, get AM crunchwraps, and plan this whole thing out... BTW we found a new investigator there so it was inspired. Anyways we planned to stop eating junk food and stop eating out which was a big problem because we pretty much only had junk food in the fridge and cupboard, but it has been working out pretty well... Haha I'll attach a pic of the stuff we threw away. Well now that I've established that we're healthy and eat carrots and stuff I can tell the other fun parts of the week.
We got another companion this week because Elder Nelson leaves half way through the transfer. So we picked up Elder Anderson, who is a really chill Elder, and we went to one of our favorite member families for dinner. Unfortunately for Elder Anderson we had spent time scheming up a real good plan with the Rodriguez family the night before. We set it up and told Elder Anderson how the family was kind of weird, but the dinner would be just fine as long as Sister Farrar (Sister Rodriguez's mom) didn't show up. So we got there and Sister Rodriguez is wearing a polygamist dress and some other funny things are around the house. We hung out talked for a sec then sat down for dinner. Then right before the prayer the star of the show walks in, and we all barely held it together because it was so funny. Sister Farrar walks in wearing a crazy looking dress, crazy make up, crazy little kid items, a dinosaur bag, and just crazy stuff... These are all totally normal people btw. Haha so she sat by Elder Anderson and she just did not give him a break. Dang I wish I could tell you the whole story in person because it was hilarious, but I'll just give you a few highlights. She asked if he was hungry and he said yes so she pulled a hot dog out of her pocket and tried to get him to eat it. She got down his information and told him she was giving it to the police. She was constantly eating off his plate and whispering in his ear. Sister Rodriguez put homemade organic mayonnaise on his plate and tried to get him to eat it (banana pudding). Basically it was an hour long dinner of Sister Farrar acting crazy, and Elder Anderson feeling really uncomfortable. He didn't even consider the whole thing was a joke, but me and Elder Nelson were laughing the whole time. Once we told him he was so relieved, and he was really excited to tell his family how funny the dinner was. I wish we had a video of it that I could send to you.
Well, being in a trio has been such a blast. The 3 of us are having a lot of fun and the ward really likes it. We've also picked up a lot of investigators which has been so nice. At the beginning of the last transfer we didn't know what to do, so we would usually end up tracting. Now when we get home at night I always write down a list of people we were supposed to visit but didn't have time. Everything has totally shifted. We have investigators getting closer to baptism which is really exciting. Missionary work really is the same thing as missionary fun.
One thing that makes it tough here is that some pastors will devote a service to anti-mormonism because they're scared of us. We were working with the sweetest lady and making progress then one day we showed up and she told us that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. It stinks that some people are so anti-mormon that they try and stop everybody else from learning for themselves. We're having a lot more success than failure, so even though those times are really sad, we don't dwell on them. Something really interested that I've learned here is that conversions are almost completely based on willingness to read the BOM and pray about it. I hope that as a family you are still reading a lot. One of these nights you should read the introduction together and focus on the last 2 paragraphs. All I can say is that the Book of Mormon is amazing!
I've hear horror stories about how awful the last 2 summers were in Oklahoma, but other than tornadoes the weather has been really nice.
Anyways you guys are the best. Our family is totally the dream team and will be forever. HFF :)
Elder Hoddy

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