Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Companion--Elder Rodriguez!

This week was another wonderful week. Having Elder Rodriguez here has been amazing because he is a really good missionary. He wants to share the gospel with everyone, he is always upbeat, he is really humble, and he is an all around good disciple of Jesus Christ. We're going to learn a lot and get work done this transfer.
We had some really special experiences with the McCormicks this week. At the end of the lesson we were about to have the prayer, and for some reason (the spirit) we decided to ask their 3 year-old son Max to pray. He had never prayed before, so his dad got down next to him and helped him know what to say. He kind of struggled, but the spirit was so thick. We share messages the strengthen families and we talk about families a lot, but experiences like that are testimony builders of how real this is. Having a strong gospel centered family is totally available to them, and the spirit testified of that during the special prayer. After the prayer it was a time of rejoicing for all of us and everyone had grins from ear to ear.
We also had a cool realization with them that we had been telling them over and over again how much they needed the gospel and it just wasn't what they needed. We were given a talk about the need for others to serve. Joseph Smith said, "A religion the doesn't require the sacrifice of all things never has the power sufficient to provoke or produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation". We prayerfully pondered what Zack could do for the ward and then proceeded to let him know that the ward needs his service. Zack said that he felt like that was the motivation he needed to really search this out. He loves to serve and I can totally see him serving as a scout leader in the next few months. We're pretty excited about them.
I'm really grateful to have Elder Rodriguez here and we have a lot of good weeks ahead of us. He knows his stuff and I'm trying to learn quickly from him.
I love you! HFF!
-Elder Hoddy

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