Friday, February 14, 2014

New Companion/Fun Youth Fireside

(We didn't get a family letter this week so I am posting my mom letter:)
Ha oh man Jace is so funny. I keep trying to tell him that girls have cooties, but it is just not working. The new Elder that I'm training is amazing. We're having a ton of fun and he has such a strong testimony. His name is Elder Van Halder from Nampa Idaho. I think that's by Boise. I'm glad that Jace is having fun playing basketball and I definitely wish I would have stuck with basketball for a bit longer.

 This week has been so much fun. We were able to have a lot of lessons even though we spent Monday and Tuesday saying goodbye to people. Elder Park grew a lot of amazing relationships in the 6 months he's been here. He definitely created a great foundation for us to work in this area and I really hope that this place is thriving by the time I leave. We did a fireside for the youth last night and it was just a whole mess of fun. We had a bunch of kids come up and everyone else would get to choose their scenario and what they had to invite us to do (church, meet with missionaries, mutual, etc.) Then we would be the non-members and they would talk to us and invite us to do things. The whole thing ended up being hilarious with the youth being pretty creative. I'll probably talk a bit more about it in the family email.

Anyways momma this week was great and life is so wonderful. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without this gospel. One of the greatest problems that we face is that people don't have a desire to find the truthfulness of our message. We are teaching this super nice guy named Kevin and he's pretty interested. His wife listened in and we asked her what it would mean to her if the Book of Mormon was true. She basically told us that it wouldn't mean anything because it was her tradition to be Methodist and she didn't reallly care if it was true. That was sad because there is so much more available to these people. If we don't have a desire to change and follow our Savior we will never inherit the Celestial Kingdom. That same thing goes for everyone. Our desire for truth and greater discipleship will lead us into the gates of eternal life. This gospel is so much fun to be a part of and brings lasting joy into our lives. I somehow ended up with the best momma possible too.

I hope you have an amazing week and continually look for the good. You are a great example to many.

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