Monday, February 3, 2014

Farewell To Elder Park An Awesome Companion!


Sounds like you had a great week. It's good to hear that you enjoy getting so much out of church and the scriptures. I have included the bible as a huge part of my study and there are so many little treasures in there. Some books like Leviticus and Numbers are just way too long though. That's exciting that you got to go to the temple as well. There is something so special about the temple and the spirit that is felt there. I wish I would have got my endowments out a lot earlier because I've still only gone through the temple 3 times. I guess there is still a lifetime to go though. Have you ever read the book Jesus the Christ? That book was written in the temple, but I've only read a few chapters.

       Well we found out that Elder Park is leaving on Wednesday. He's headed to Moore Oklahoma which should be a good time for him. He hasn't served in the city yet, but that's right where the tornado hit last year, and tornado season is coming real soon. My new companion is getting a long transfer here from Provo, so hopefully he's excited to do some work. I hear new missionaries are usually pretty motivated, so we should have a good time.

       This week has been another amazing week. We found some new investigators which is always really exciting and we're hoping that we'll be able to see them progress all the way towards baptism. Our goals are pretty high, so we're going to see what we can do. One of the investigators we found we actually knocked into a couple weeks ago. We had tried him twice when we had members out with us, but we hadn't been able to meet with him. We even had a planned appointment with him one of the times. We were kind of frustrated because we were hoping that everything would just work out, but Heavenly Father had better plans for us. The third time we tried to meet with him we took over the member that He needed us to have with us. We went into the home and there was an amazing connection because they knew each other's families. Now we have great fellowship for that investigator and we had an awesome lesson. I guess we can't fail with the Lord on our side. Everything can be considered a success in one way or the other.

      Anyways just remember that I love you. This gospel is true and it's worth living. Have a good week Momma! HFF


Elder Hoddy

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