Thursday, January 9, 2014

Buck up Momma/3 Different Reasons for Trials

(This Dec 30th letter is in response to Jake's mom complaining and whining about her experience in Mexico building houses.  Oh to be as positive as Elder Hoddy....that is my quest.)
Dang that stinks that things are rough down there. I can definitely see why Clarissa didn't go down there because this was definitely not meant to be the ideal vacation; however, think of the stories that you can tell for the rest of your life if you put all your effort into this. There is so much good that you can do for those people, so make the most of it. I wish I could trade you places and work down there for a week or two. Acceptance is the key. Ha that's the only quote you sent me out here with and I have definitely read that on a few occasions when things weren't the best. In this life we have trials for 3 different reasons... to bring us to repentance, to refine our character, and/or to redirect our lives. What do you think you can learn from this?

Life here in Oklahoma has been pretty interesting this week. With the Holidays our investigators haven't been able to meet and knocking doors often seems counterproductive. We're not supposed to proselyte New Years Eve or Day either, so it has been hard to stay motivated. We can't wait for the New Year, so we can start fully working again. I miss our investigators.

There's also probably a lot of missionary work you can do there in Mexico. Will you try and give those missionaries a referral for someone who seems willing to listen to the gospel? That would be an awesome family goal and the missionaries there would love you forever. I read this morning in Genesis 48 about the tribe of Ephraim and its role. In the JST there are some awesome insights about what we're supposed to do in leading the charge of Salvation and the accompanying blessings that come with that. We are so blessed to be born in the covenant and to be part of the lives that we live. You are amazing mom, and there is so much good that you can do. No one else can do what you can do, so look for those small opportunities to find the good and share that with others. I love you so much and enjoy the spirit of Christ(mas) as you make others' lives a little bit better.
Elder Hoddy

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