Thursday, January 9, 2014

Amazing Companion, Amazing Ward, Amazing Investigators.....Life is Good!

Wow it is so much fun to hear about the trip to Mexico. I am so jealous that I didn't get to go and help those amazing people, but I am so grateful that my wonderful family had the chance. I read an excellent talk this week about Jesus Christ's gospel being about becoming. Looking in the past to see what we've done is important, but Heavenly Father doesn't care nearly as much about where we have been as where we are right now and, with his help what we are willing to become. Opportunities like that, though they be challenging and long, teach us how to be better and mold us into the disciples of Christ that he needs us to be. Chances to serve should never be taken lightly because we get to emulate Christ's greatest attribute charity.

 The holidays definitely took its toll on us as missionaries because we weren't able to meet with most of our investigators and knocking on doors is so counterproductive ("Hi we're missionaries and we have a message about being with our families, but we're going to take you away from your family on Christmas"). It was hard straying from the normal schedule because missionary work drives us, and when we were unable to do that it became easy for us to want to be home doing normal things. However, everything is back to normal and we really hit the ground running. We were led to new investigators right after the new year, so we now have over 20 investigators which is much better than the 0 we had a month and a half ago. We had a couple of lessons with the family that we are teaching and they are going super well. Then yesterday was a miracle because the parents and their youngest son came to sacrament meeting. The ward was really excited about that because they haven't seen a whole lot of missionary success lately, but Elder Park has been leading us to a lot of success and the ward is seeing the fruits of missionary work. I seriously have an amazing companion, in an amazing ward, with amazing investigators. Life is so good.

Well it's always good to hear from you guys and I love you so much. Have a good week and a good year.
Elder Hoddy

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