Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Night In the MTC

Hey mom :) Tonight is my last night in the MTC so I get to email and do laundry and stuff. Things here have been getting better every day and I love it so much. The missionary life is so awesome and I'm only smiling like 27 hours a day! I seriously have the best teachers and the best district in the world. I learn more and more from them everyday and my testimony is strengthened constantly. I know how important missionary work is and I wish everyone could have what you and dad gave me.. that's why I'm going to Oklahoma. There are people ready to hear about the gospel and accept Christ in their lives. That is our purpose as missionaries and I try to fill it everyday. I've learned that as a missionary I can invite anyone to come unto Christ whether they've never heard about the gospel or they've been member their whole lives. It is really cool to know that as I listen the spirit, the words I say matter to people. and I can teach people. Oh and being a zone leader was probably the coolest thing ever. I got to talk to all the missionaries with my companion and the sister trainer leader, and we tried to make it a lot easier on the first couple days than it was for us. It was seriously so fun to see all their bright faces and now they're used to being a missionary and joke around with us. Our zone, which consists of 37 missionaries, has gotten so close and it's really sad to leave them. Nothing will compare to leaving my momma though. You've really been so great mom and I'm glad that I got to speak on mothers day.. I'm sorry if I talked about you too much, but no one else deserved to be talked about as much as you. I've been taught to be a missionary before I got here because of the example you've set of service and love. I'll make ya proud! I hope that you'll be awake tomorrow morning because I'll be calling somewhere around 8:30, but I'm not totally sure.

Love you tons,

Elder Hoddy

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