Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Have Felt To Sing The Song Of Redeeming Love

(We didn't get a family e-mail from Jake this week so I am going to include and excerpt from one of his hand-written letters)

Dear Mom,

I forgot to share my thoughts on being perfect in Christ.  I think I mentioned the example of 2 bank accounts joining in marriage.  If we had debt and our spouse had assets they would balance each other and hopefully the assets would outweigh the debts.  With Christ that is always the case.  On His team we have an abundance of assets.  Imagine our family becoming a choir; we wouldn't be terrible but we wouldn't be winning any competitions either.  Then imagine the seven of us put in the the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Their voices would drown out our imperfections.  If we yoke ourselves to Jesus Christ, the view of this life becomes absolutely beautiful.  There will still be mistakes and errors, but the overall perception of this life will seem perfect.  

The way I view my mission up to this point is that it has been perfect.  It has been an absolutely amazing opportunity.  The Mistakes and problems seem drowned out.  Christ will do this with every individual.  He has enough assets for all of us if we will simply stay with Him.  

I used to teach about the Atonement from my intellectual understanding, but I now speak from experience.  I have felt to sing the song of redeeming love and I do feel so now (Alma 5:26).  I bear testimony that Jesus Christ lives.
Love, Elder Hoddy 

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