Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Highlights!

Hey Momma!
Hey did you get Elder Holman's email? He is wondering why you didn't email him back :) Anyways this was a pretty solid week. Church yesterday was an amazing experience. Brother Pieper got released from the bishopric because he is moving to Tulsa. His wife told the story of the Lord bringing them to Oklahoma and now it was time to move to another place. Brother Taylor replaced him in the bishopric and he told how his family was led to come here. It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father directs our lives to bring certain people together for certain reasons. I loved the peace that was felt and our investigators seemed pretty happy to be there.
     So a highlight of the week was definitely playing football on Thursday morning. We played for a full two hours, and at the end the score was tied 98 to 98. It was kind of a bummer, but Elder Holman was on the other team. Well we ended up losing in like the 5th overtime, but it was a total blast. It was nice to run around for a while. Then we went to a few houses and ate Thanksgiving dinner. A lot of the ward here serves in the military, so that made it tough to get members out teaching with us, but we still had some great visits and life was real happy.     It has been amazing to see investigators come and join the community. We truly are a special people and it is so much fun to see people joining us and helping out in the church.     I don't know if you've seen the He is the Gift video, but if you haven't you should look it up on It is a great reminder about the importance of the season. We taught a combined 3rd hour yesterday about the gift of Christ and our bishop shared the video on facebook along with his testimony at the end of the meeting.
Well I didn't have a ton to report on this week, but life is good. I love you momma! HFF
-Elder Hoddy

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